Antarctica Secrets – Antarctica Flat Earth Travel? Flat Earth Theory Proof Flat Earth Society

Antarctica Secrets Antarctica Flat Earth Travel raises two questions. Can you answer it? Antarctica conspiracy and flat earth:
– Why does Qantas 747 flies near Antarctic?
-What is the real position of Sydney?

Flight: Sydney Australia – Johannesburg South Africa Boeing 747 over the south pole also known as Antarctica or Antarctic.
You can find antarctica on google earth.There are also many antarctica videos covering this subject because it is the interesting topic of our history. Could the antarctic ice wall flat earth true? This has something to do with antarctic treaty also known as antarctic treaty of the flat earth(antarctica countries). Is this a flat earth Antarctica what we see? The United Nation (UN) is hiding the antarctica pyramid as well, this could be found in many antarctica documentary on youtube. It is still a part of antarctica mysteries.

The flight from Sydney – Johannesburg disproves the Globe.
Why do they fly near Antarctica? It’s not the shortest distance on the Globe. antarctica cruise or cruise to antarctica . Never had a antarctica trips .

Just another flat earth proof 2016.
There is more land mass and the Earth is indeed flat surrounded by antarctic ice wall on a flat earth model.
Because of Eric Dubay now I believe in a flat world!